We have established ourselves as one of the largest road freight fleets in the United Arab Emirates reaching across domestic and international routes. Numbering about 2,000 vehicles, including Kenworth winch trucks, Low bed trucks. we’ve developed a network of reliable transport professionals over the years. We ensure your goods arrive safely and securely.

Our clients need to ship all manner of goods and equipment, so we have a diverse fleet that is able to accommodate any requirement. We can provide a range of specialist vehicles to handle specific goods. Whatever type of cargo you need to transport, we aim to deliver it quickly and securely to keep your business moving.


All our trucks are serviced and maintained  by a team of trained and qualified mechanics based at our own garage in Mussafa and Habshan. We keep all our vehicles running smoothly, even the specialised ones, and we several  mobile service vehicles  on standby so our mechanics can assist when there’s an emergency on the road.


We’re committed to offering the most advanced logistics service in the market, and that’s why all our staff are qualified and experienced. But we go even further than that: we invest in extensive training for all staff, who get the chance to apply new methods and technologies to our vehicles and in our service delivery.


In an increasingly open market, your business always needs to get smarter. Most third party logistics companies will simply manage your cargo, but what sets us apart is our ability to offer more. For every road freight assignment, we can provide a specialist consultation service that aims to give your business an edge so you can overtake your competition. We study your business chain and management structure and offer insights for where you can optimise, innovate and modernise, giving you the tools to deliver results on the road faster and better than anyone else. When you need to outsource your road transport logistics, why not see what you could improve from the start?