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Your operation, Moved Swiftly.

For rig and worksite relocations, efficiency is key but speed should never be won at the expense of safety. At SMGT, we balance both with the help of an expert staff and our SMGT Advantage pre-planning protocol.

The SMGT  Advantage enables our team of highly experienced movers to come ready with the knowledge of how best to load each element of your rig and worksite, rather than constructing a game plan on the spot and on your dime. Once on the road, we utilize our advance planning and top-of-the-line fleet to navigate through a variety of difficult conditions.

We Keep You Moving

SMG has over 200 construction equipment machines, ready to go to work on your project.

Please contact one of our Operations  Representatives for your equipment needs  and our competitive rental rates.

we practice what we preach

When you need to move your goods on the road, our fleet of trusted drivers keeps everything flowing smoothly.

We have established ourselves as one of the largest road freight fleets in the United Arab Emirates  reaching across domestic and international routes. Numbering about 2,000 vehicles, including Kenworth winch trucks, Low bed trucks. we’ve developed a network of reliable transport professionals over the years. We ensure your goods arrive safely and securely.

Full Coverage

An extensive network of  technical team, dedicated operations  team designing customized logistics solutions for our clients, the large diversity of our fleet and the types of work we can do are all strengths that make a difference!

We’re always looking to upgrade and improve our vehicles. We installed the latest IVMS systems to give us a few advantages in our deliveries:

  • Better protection of transported goods.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • Better responses to urgent deliveries.
  • Improved staff safety with monitored rest periods.
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High-end staff accommodation.

SMGT Camp is an affordable staff accommodation in Habshan  that intertwines ease and comfort situated only 36 km from Medinat Zayed.  A high-end staff accommodation in Habshan that caters to the residents’ needs and value for money, this  camp is a befitting place for employees’ staff . Its environment and facilities brings together  a family away from home.

SMGT Habshan is  municipality approved accommodation in Habshan  that provides all sort of necessary facilities to residents, like  Laundry and Catering. Situated near Medinat Zayed this accommodation in Habshan pays great attention to comfort of its residents.

Suhail AL Mazroui Transportation and Heavy Equipment Est.

what Our clients say about us


I will like to use this oppotunity to thank SMG for thier professionalism, hard work and excellent planning during this rig move, involving coordination with AD Police, for night time travelling on motorways. We were impressed with excellent conditionof SMG Trailers, which did not stop for any breakdown during this move.

SMG Rig Move Manager, Mr. Khaled Amara was continously and directly involved in every stage of this move and we thank him very much for his dedication.

Laurentiu Maros

Rig Manager AD -122  ADNOC Onshore  



Suhail Al Mazroui were contacted for our Rig Move Operations, The rigmove timeline was 2.5 days. It was amazing how SMGT completed it in 1 day safely.

Thank you so much guys!

Mahmoud Abdel-Karim Husni Hamdan

Rig Manager AD -114  ADNOC Onshore  

Suhail AL Mazroui Transportation and Heavy Equipment Est.


Suhail AL Mazroui Transportation and Heavy Equipment Est.

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